Main Textbook

“Data Structures and Algorithms in C++” (third edition) by Adam Drozdek, ISBN-13: 978-0534491826.

Suggested Readings

“Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++” (4th Edition) by Mark Allen Weiss, Pearson, ISBN 0-13-284737-X.

“Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis” by Clifford A. Shaffer.

“Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++” (4th Edition) by Michael Main and Walter Savitch, Addison Wesley, 2010. ISBN 0-13-212948-5.

“Algorithms in C++, Parts 1-4: Fundamentals, Data Structure, Sorting, Searching” by Robert Sedgewick, Third Edition

“Algorithms in C++ Part 5: Graph Algorithms” by Robert Sedgewick,┬áThird Edition