Preparing the World’s Leaders Since 1933

Since 1933, The Fletcher School has prepared the world’s leaders to become innovative problem solvers in government, business, and non-governmental organizations. With our ongoing commitment and rigorous approach to advancing world knowledge through research and scholarship, Fletcher informs and builds bridges to meaningful global solutions.

The 21st century is being shaped by new realities, and global interdependence has become the norm. From the reconstruction of post-conflict societies and the creation of markets in emerging economies to the analysis of terrorist threats and the promotion of human rights, today’s issues transcend borders and disciplines. Common to all these challenges are the myriad connections between history, politics, and culture that we must understand to respond effectively.

Fletcher is distinctive among leading professional schools of international affairs for our collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach to identifying and illuminating those connections. Students representing more than eighty countries join with an experienced faculty to inform classroom discussion with diverse viewpoints. Immersed in this dynamic environment, broadly knowledgeable and inquisitive leaders develop a thorough and nuanced grounding in the latest political, economic, business, and legal thinking and translate it into practical actions that shape international issues and events.

If you see engagement in international affairs and aspire to make meaningful contributions to the world, we invite you to join the Fletcher community and explore a world of possibilities.