Fletcher Traditions

Fletcher is a great place to augment your professional profile and expand your theoretical knowledge, but being a member of the Fletcher community means having fun, too! Check out a sampling of a few cherished Fletcher traditions.


Mediterranean Night Culture nights are a highlight of the year for many. Africana Night, Mediterranean Night, Asia Night, and Fiesta Latina showcase music, dance, poetry, photography and, of course, food from around the world.


Weekly social hour in the Hall of Flags is an important feature of the academic year. Normally hosted by one of Fletcher's many student organizations, social hour provides a much-needed study break, as well as some snacks and drinks. As fun as it is to debate the merits of R2P and double bottom line inclusive finance projects, it's also sometimes nice to talk about last night's Celtics game, or plans for the upcoming weekend.


Not surprisingly, Fletcher students are dedicated to a variety of causes. Movember is among the more visible for one month a year. Considering how handsome these Fletcher fellows look with their flavor savers, you might wonder if any continue the look beyond the titular month. The answer, unfortunately, is yes.


Spending a winter in New England without going skiing at least once is a missed opportunity, so Fletcher students head for points north each year for an annual ski trip. For those less inclined to hurl themselves down an ice-covered mountain (which New Englanders refer to as "packed powder") on a pair of waxed sticks, a weekend by the lodge fireplace and in the hot tubs isn't so bad, either.


Dip Ball "Dip Ball" lets Fletcher students show their classy side. Held at a select Boston waterfront location, the Ball is a chance for sharply-dressed future diplomats to live the high life for an evening.


The name of this annual event says it all. Students get a much-deserved chance to turn the tables on professors and administrators by sitting at tables staffed by them. Those "waiters" known for particularly demanding syllabi often find their tables in surprisingly frequent need of service on this night.


is a storied Tufts tradition, and Fletcher students are sure
to leave their mark on this campus landmark each year. Stock up on your Fletcher orange spray paint now!


On a weekly basis the Fletcher community gathers in the Hall of Flags for coffee/tea and socializing! Each week is hosted by a different office or student organization at Fletcher.


Out of respect for the time-honored (and wise) principle of "what happens at Follies stays at Follies," we can't actually show you any pictures of this annual event, one of the most popular of the academic year. Suffice to say that some students put such time and effort into their satirical videos they could almost qualify as a class, and that if you have a burning desire to see Fletcher professors (and even the Dean) dancing or singing, Follies is not to be missed.