Strategic Management/B238m Pre-Session Course Information (Info for September Admits ONLY)

This pre-session course is required for incoming MIB students.

Incoming and continuing students from any degree program may join MIBs in the August 2022 Strategic Management/B238m Pre-Session course. This course runs from Monday, August 15 through Friday, August 26, the two weeks prior to mandatory Fletcher Orientation.

Class sessions are held for 3 hours each weekday afternoon and social and professional activities are included as well. The Pre-Session is a great introduction to your time at Fletcher, kicking off your academic, social, and professional experience. The course is case-based and interactive, and relevant to a wide range of interests and fields of study. It provides a foundation for students interested in management issues across sectors – public, private, multilateral – and provides practical frameworks for thinking about a range of management issues including competition, how and where to operate, and strategic decision making. Students may sign up for the module with no additional tuition cost. The module will count towards degree requirements and the 1.5 credits will be included with your fall semester course load credits.

Important: Please note students in the LLM, MA, MALD, MATA, and PhD program may take 13.5 credits ONE time only during their enrollment at Fletcher. If you enroll in B238m during the August Pre-Session, you may enroll in an additional 12.0 credits during the fall semester (reaching a total of 13.5 credits for the fall semester). However, you would then not be able to enroll in 13.5 credits at Fletcher during a future semester. Another option available is to enroll in one of the 1.5 credit modules offered during August Pre-Session, as well as enroll in 10.5 credits of course work in the fall semester and then enroll in 13.5 credits in a future semester (again, one time only during your enrollment at Fletcher).


There are a limited number of seats available in B238m. Preference for B238m will be given to MIB students. An online application will be sent via email in May. Since space is limited, please only sign-up if you are able to commit to being on campus and taking the course from August 15-26.

INFORMATION ABOUT Strategic Management/B238M 

Effective strategists can: size up the dynamics of the external environment of a firm, covering its economic, political, and social contexts; take a holistic view across all functions and configure all of a firm’s internal choices to give it a competitive advantage; sustain this advantage over time and leverage it into adjacent business and geographic opportunities; use acquisitions and alliances when these are the more effective approaches to support a strategy; create the right organizational context to execute the chosen strategy efficiently; ensure the continuous renewal of the firm in anticipation of and adapting to its changing environment. The objectives of this short course are to master the field’s core concepts and to build the skills needed to be an effective strategist.

Students who have specific questions about this course may contact Maria Pereira at