Email Account and Tufts Username Info

Setting Up Your Tufts Email Account, Obtaining Your Tufts Student ID Number& Tufts Username

  • Shortly after confirming your enrollment, you will receive an email containing your Tufts student ID number (7-digit number) as well as instructions on how to set up your Tufts Email Account. Please be sure to keep your Tufts student ID number for your records.

Tufts Email

  • Once you set up your Tufts email account, you may access it by using this web address:
  • If you wish to set-up forwarding, vacation notices, etc., of your Tufts email to another email account, you may do so by going to:
  • If you are having issues setting up your Tufts Email Account or you would like to change your given email address, send an email to Tufts Technology Services at, or call them at 617-627-3376.

Tufts Username 

  • Once your Tufts email account has been set up, you will be assigned your Tufts username (also referred to as: UTLN – Universal Tufts Login Name) and password to login to many computer systems at Tufts; your UTLN will be in a similar format to “jsmith01.” 
  • Your assigned Username and Password will also enable you to log into the Tufts Student Information System, SIS. Please note after completing the process of obtaining your assigned username and password, it will take approximately 2-3 days to gain access to SIS.
  • Additionally, your assigned username and password will enable you to access the web-based platform, Canvas, where faculty post their course syllabus, readings, assignments, etc.