Enrolling at Fletcher

What to do now that you have been admitted:

1. Confirm Enrollment and Pay Deposit

To confirm your enrollment, please complete the online Decision Reply Form and pay your $500 enrollment deposit* online by April 20, 2024. This matriculation deposit is non-refundable, but will be credited to your student account upon enrollment at Fletcher.

*Please note the enrollment deposit for applicants to the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) is $5,000.

To complete your Decision Reply Form and pay your enrollment deposit, please log in to your online application.

You will need your username and password. This is the same account you used to check the status of your application. To view your decision letter and pay your deposit, log into your account and click “View update.” This will take you to your decision letter. To confirm your enrollment and pay your deposit, click “Decision Reply Form” at the bottom of your Application Status page, which will allow you to confirm your intent to enroll. Upon returning to your Application Status page, you will see a “Submit payment for 500.00 USD” link, through which you can pay your deposit.

Please be aware that your enrollment deposit is due by April 20, 2024. By paying your deposit you are confirming your enrollment at Fletcher only and you should not deposit at another institution.

2. Next steps

Once you’ve paid your enrollment deposit, please visit this page for important information on preparing for enrollment at Fletcher.