Information for Enrolling International Students

Tufts International Student Center

The International Center will be operating in a hybrid fashion, combining online advising and services with walk-in hours on specific dates and times. Review our Guide to Getting Things Done with the International Center for a more detailed list of services.
Mailing Address and Office Location on Campus: 20 Sawyer Avenue, Medford MA 02155
Telephone number: +1-617-627-3458
Fax number: +1-617-627-2111


Obtaining a visa can be an involved process. We are here to help as much as possible, but please note we have no ability to influence the speed with which the US Government finalizes your visa. Therefore, it is critical that you review in detail the visa information page and submit the first set of paperwork by June 5, 2024 to help get the process off to a smooth start.


Your health is a top priority while you are here as a student.  To this end, Tufts provides various resources to support its students and employees.  These include health insurance plans and programs.  Tufts requires international students to enroll in the institutional student health insurance plan or show alternative insurance that provides comparable coverage.  


International students are limited to only certain types of employment and are allowed to work only with authorization in advance.  Working in the U.S. without authorization is an extremely serious violation of immigration regulations and may lead to cancellation of your visa and even departure from the U.S.  In order to avoid unauthorized employment, consult with the International Center before starting any employment activity.


What you must do to travel will differ depending on your current immigration status (e.g., F-1, J-1) and your travel plans.  In general, short-term travel outside of the U.S. while you are studying at Fletcher should be possible as long as your documents are valid and unexpired and you maintain valid status.


The International Center invites you to read through this web page to understand to start a new life at Tufts University regarding daily life matters, such as opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, finding a cell phone service or a new place to live off-campus.