Student Accessibility and Academic Resource (StAAR) Center

The StAAR Center values the diverse educational and cultural experiences of every student and promotes access to an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. As a team and as individuals, we foster students’ educational growth and awareness, self-advocacy and resiliency as it relates to their Tufts academic experience and beyond. Our initiatives engage students, faculty and staff to proactively support the learning needs of the Tufts community.

Academic Coaching

One-to-one academic coaching is available to any Fletcher student looking for support with time management, creating a study plan, breaking down large projects or papers, productivity, accountability, and/or study skills. Contact Hazel Cheng, StAAR Specialist for The Fletcher School, to schedule a coaching meeting.

Academic Skills Workshops

Academic skills workshops are offered to help students adjust to the demands of graduate school. Topics include time management and planning, strategies for reading and note taking, managing procrastination, tackling test preparation and test taking, English conversation practice, and more! Workshop recordings and handouts are posted to the StAAR Center Student Resources Canvas.

Accessibility Services for Students with Disabilities

StAAR provides reasonable accommodations as needed for students with disabilities such as impaired hearing, speech, mobility, or vision, and students with learning disabilities, students on the autism spectrum, attention differences, and chronic health disabilities. We also assist students with serious medical and mental health conditions. We are committed to supporting students taking classes both in person and remotely. Email StAAR and/or consult the StAAR Center website for additional information.

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