Barry Mattson

Barry Mattson, MA 2012, United States

Current Role: CEO, Rise Against Hunger

Field of Study: International Security Studies

Activities at Fletcher

  • Diplomacy Club
  • Fletcher Students In Security
  • WILD Club
  • Sportsman’s Club
  • Latin America Club

Education before Fletcher

  • MBA, Finance and Entrepreneurial Management, The Wharton School
  • BS, Biology, United States Air Force Academy

Experience before Fletcher

  • Bunge Global Agribusiness, Commodities Trader – New York, Alabama, Missouri
  • United States Air Force, Program Manager – Massachusetts, Texas, Iraq


  • Spanish
  • English

On Fletcher’s international community: When first visiting The Fletcher School, I was most impressed by the collaborative nature of the program. After enrolling, this point hit home for me. In one afternoon I had coffee with a classmate to discuss her experience with small business development in Haiti and then met with an accomplished professor to deliberate over agricultural modernization in Latin America.The impressive backgrounds, accomplishments, and aspirations of my classmates never ceased to amaze me. Chances are, if you are interested in a particular international issue, there is an expert within the Fletcher network willing to help you learn more about it.

How my experience at Fletcher has changed the way I look at the world: One of my classes, Globalization of Central Asia and the Caucasus, opened my eyes to an area of the world in which I previously had no experience. Working with classmates from countries in this region who provided insight into the current political economy proved to be invaluable in understanding the role of the Eurasian steppe at the forefront of global change. The flexible curriculum at Fletcher gives students freedom to take classes such as this that broaden their spectrum of global awareness.