Basma Alloush

Basma Alloush, MALD 2016, Syria

Current Role: Policy and Advocacy Advisor at the Norwegian Refugee Council in Washington, DC

Fields of Study: Human Security; International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Capstone: The Role of Diaspora Communities in Transitional Justice Processes

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

UN Club

Humanitarian Action Society

Human Rights Project

Mediterranean Club

International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club

Education before Fletcher:

Northeastern University

Experience before Fletcher:

Project Analyst, Merrill Corporation, Boston, MA

Finance and Accounting Management Team Intern, IBM, Manila, The Philippines

Account Coordinator, EF Education, Boston, MA

Languages: Arabic, English

On collaboration and teamwork at Fletcher: I was truly amazed at the level of collaboration and helpfulness at Fletcher. It truly feels like everyone who works or studies at Fletcher has a passion for being resourceful and helpful. Whether it’s talking to the registrar’s office about the prerequisites of a course, discussing the academic programs with someone in admissions, or reaching out to the student e-mail listserv (the “Social List”) for a sleeping bag, everyone is available and ready to assist in whatever way they can. The sense of collaboration and teamwork makes someone like myself, who is new to the IR world, feel completely at ease. I know that if I needed any additional explanation or clarification on any topic, I would have professors, deans, administrators, classmates, and the entire Fletcher population to reach out to!

What has surprised me about Fletcher: Being at Fletcher, I have been surprised at the opportunities we have to meet influential global leaders and the exposure we get to numerous trainings and workshops. During my first month, I completed a mediation practicum and became a certified mediator, participate in a sustainable development diplomacy negotiation simulation, and attended a workshop at the World Peace Foundation on the conflict in Sudan/South Sudan. I also got to meet many people who have been directly involved in the Syrian conflict and was able to learn from their perspective and experiences on this issue. During my brief time at Fletcher so far, I can definitely see how my views have been broadened. I greatly value the effort that Fletcher faculty and students take to bring in global leaders and provide trainings that couple perfectly with our academics. I’m so excited I was able to get this much out of my first month, but I really can’t wait to see what other fabulous opportunities I can continue to take advantage of.