Jean-Yves Barba

Jean-Yves Barba, MALD 2014, France

Current Role: Program Manager for the International Labour Organization in Ethiopia

Fields of Study: Development Economics; Human Security

Activities at Fletcher:

Africana Club

Fletcher Mentors

Refugee Assistance Program

Education before Fletcher:

BS, Computer Engineering, University of Florida

Experience before Fletcher:

Information Management Officer, International Organization for Migration, Kenya

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, International Organization for Migration, Uganda

Languages: French, Kiswahili, English

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: In today’s world, it is absolutely essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the various disciplines that make up international relations. One cannot understand the rise of fuel price at home without linking it to protracted refugee crises abroad, or understand how international trade policies can raise insecurity between two countries, or further how regional economic integration can benefit rural villagers’ social capital. Given that I want to work in Africa, which is not only a vast but extremely complex continent, it’s especially important for me to have an understanding of issues at the local, regional and global levels. To that end, Fletcher will help make Africa smaller, and more comprehensible.

My favorite classroom experience: When I applied to Fletcher, I was most intrigued by the course Peace Operations, taught by Professor Ian Johnstone. I remember quite vividly listening in the 90s to the cable news and wondering what all these new crises were about and will always remember my dad saying, “You’re too young to appreciate yet what this day is about,” the day that the Berlin Wall fell. As my interest in politics picked up, I grew increasingly frustrated with not having a complete picture of the many different dimensions to these world crises. Professor Johnstone’s class, which I’m now enrolled in, is demystifying the questions I had, and provides a thorough investigation of the historical, political, and operational aspects of Peace Operations. The class also considers the management of international peace and security which is completely new territory for me.