Nora Szeile

Szeile 2

Nora Szeile, MALD 2014, Hungary

Currently Role: CSR Policy Manager – Gender Diversity for Digicel Group in Papua New Guinea

Fields of Study

  • Public and NGO Management
  • Human Security

Activities at Fletcher

  • Humanitarian Action Society
  • International Development Group
  • Global Women
  • European Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, International Relations, King Sigismund College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Research Program Coordinator,  Partners In Health, Haiti


  • Hungarian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • English

On the community at Fletcher: I chose Fletcher not only for its international reputation and flexible curriculum, but for the community. When you start a top graduate program, you enter a life-long relationship with the school. What makes the real difference in the end are the people you are with, and the environment where you are spending your time. I have met the most amazing people at Fletcher, and I also found it to be the most stimulating environment during the Open House.

What has surprised me the most:  The thing most surprised me about Fletcher was that everybody is here for me. Staff and faculty are always available to help me to get the most out of my coursework. The curriculum is challenging, but you do matter to your professors and classmates – they are keen to get to know you. In such a culturally diverse, passionate, and encouraging environment you are constantly motivated to give your very best.