Level 3 - Main Anatomy Lab Level 3 - Main Anatomy Lab (2)

Gross Anatomy Information Session 11.16.16


The lab, currently located in 7,700 SF in the basement of the M&V Building (part of the larger, 300,000 sf BRPH complex), has not changed in size or been significantly updated since it was built in 1950, and it serves double the number students today than it was originally built to serve. The new design expands the project into 24,200 SF in the M&V building, including the entire 3rd floor (13,340 SF), part of the basement floor (5,600 SF), and a connecting stair and additional infrastructure space (5,200 SF) providing a state‐of‐the‐art gross anatomy teaching space.

A generous gift from the Jaharis Family Foundation allows us to provide the new lab at the third floor, which will accommodate more than 200 students at one time with 40 teaching tables and 2 demonstration tables equipped with the latest teaching technology.  In addition, 5 tables in the advanced lab can be utilized as overflow lab space. The new wide connecting stair from the lobby to level 3 will connect to a student break-out area greatly improving the student experience and building circulation.  A 72 seat, high-technology classroom and a locker room (including 210 lockers) will also be located on the third floor. The basement will house a specialty anatomy suite for embalming, cold storage, a breakout area as well as 5,500 SF shell storage space for future programming. Facilities for cadaver delivery will be brought up to current standards with loading dock improvements and replacement of the existing freight elevator with a larger cab.