This blog, A Compendium of Arms Trade Corruption, is a project of the World Peace Foundation program on Global Arms Trade and Corruption. It compiles details of 35 cases of corruption in the international arms trade, domestic arms procurement, and military corruption more generally. This is a small sample of the very widespread problem of corruption in the military sector, especially the global arms business. World Peace Foundation will be continuing to collect and update this compendium with more cases.

The cases are also displayed on an interactive map, designed by Tufts GIS Data Lab.

The cases are based entirely on open source materials, mostly media sources available online, but it also draws significantly on The Shadow World by Andrew Feinstein, and (for the Saudi case) on Deception in High Places by Nicholas Gilby.

The case entries were written up by Sam Perlo-Freeman and Xiaodon Liang, with advice and review from the rest of the World Peace Foundation team, and Paul Holden of Corruption Watch UK.