Thanks for helping to test out our Crowdmap!

Our goal is to build up a map of where and how Fletcheros are paying for stuff.

Timeline | The beta test will run from now until Sunday March 31.

How to help | Post as many payments as you want to, real or fictitious. For each one, we want to know:

  • who you are–use a consistent pseudonym unless you want the world to see your real name.
  • how you paid–use the categories at the site.
  • where you paid–where you were located when you paid.
  • what for–what did you buy, or whom did you give money to?
  • how much you paid

Reporting | You can post payments via web, Android, iPhone or Twitter. Are they working?

Payments | We have a bunch of categories. Too many? Too few? Tell us in the comments below or email Ben.

  • Mobile: payment app, store app, browser
  • Plastic: credit card, debit card, jumbocash
  • Other: cash, check, ATM, other, POS cash back

My suspicion is that we will have confusion on 2 points:

  1. credit/debit vs. browser–where should you report a CC transaction at Clearly we want people to put that under “browser” but they might not understand that.
  2. “pay by app” vs “store app”–this is supposed to distinguish between things like PayPal or LevelUp, a payment app, and Starbucks or GrubHub, a merchant app.

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