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Seigniorage ain’t manna.

On March 31, 2012 By

WaPo editorialized, on the dollar-bill-versus-dollar-coin debate, that “objectively, facts favor the coin.” This is a surprisingly narrow view of the issue of what form our money ought to take. There are better questions to ask about money than whether to print it on paper or mint it from metal.

Business interests too small to […]


Slate Magazine has a series on the cashless society. The meme is alive and well, although the whole concept seems to be a novelty in the public mind.

The Cashless Society – Slate Magazine.

Seth Stevenson just closed his serial first-person account of the cashless life today at ten o-clock. He points out all […]


We’ve been scooped!

On March 7, 2012 By

David Wolman visited Harvard Bookstore to talk about his excellent new book, The End of Money. He packed the house, no surprise.

At the heart of David’s book is an experiment and the people it brought him to meet. He lived without cash for a year, just to see what the cashless […]