Meet the Team

Eileen Crehan

Dr. Eileen Crehan is an assistant professor at Tufts University and head of the lab. A clinical psychologist by training, Eileen loves working with people of all ages and understanding what gets them out of bed in the morning! Her lab focuses on social development and promoting evidence-based practices informed by science and the communities utilizing these practices. In addition to the clinical applications of this knowledge, Eileen is interested in the methods and mathematics necessary for the pursuit of better programming and outcomes. Eileen is a proud Wellesley College alum where she majored in math and psychology as an undergraduate and a huge fan of the gorgeous state of Vermont, where she got her PhD.  Outside of the lab, Eileen spends her time perfecting the ideal breakfast spread (her specialty is blueberry pancakes), decorating cupcakes in outlandish ways, and doing puzzles. She enjoys playing soccer, trying to stay standing on a snowboard, and attempting to weightlift. Eileen was raised a Trekkie but married a Star Wars fan and thus is open to fans of either universe. A native New Englander, she is obviously a Red Sox  fan.

Xihan Yang

Xihan is a doctoral student in Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University. Her research focus on cross-cultural differences in autism diagnosis and education. With practical experiences working in autism education institutions in different countries, she intends to provide culturally informed education for autistic children and adolescents with different racial and cultural backgrounds. For fun, Xihan enjoys watching movies and sewing.

Simone Dufresne

Simone is a doctoral student in Child Study and Human Development. Her research focuses on how autistic individuals understand themselves and their place in society, and how interventions can support this development. She has been working professionally in the autism field for over 10 years supporting youth and families. She cares deeply about disability issues and her work is informed by empirical research and perspectives of multiple stakeholders, most importantly autistic people themselves. In her spare time, Simone enjoys going on walks, baking bread, and spending time with her family’s two dogs.

Nicole Toumanios

Nicole is a doctoral student pursuing a joint CSHD and Cognitive Science degree. Her research focuses on improving the diagnostic process and access/quality of care for neurodivergent individuals. Nicole plans to continue studying the prevalence of comorbidity and individual differences for those with learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD by examining executive functioning skills like visual attention and memory. She is passionate about incorporating developmental science research and neurodivergent voices into community-based and academic programs. Nicole enjoys playing the guitar, scenic walks/runs, and playing with dogs.

Natalie Bartlett

Natalie is a first-year master’s student at the Eliot-Pearson school at Tufts. She plans to write a thesis and hopes to continue researching at the Crehan Lab. Long-term, she hopes to pursue a career in neuropsychology and loves working with adolescents and young adults with ASD and/or ADHD. Natalie also went to Tufts for her undergraduate degree where she double-majored in Clinical Psychology and Child Study & Human Development. She also was a member of the Varsity Squash team during her undergraduate time and still loves playing in her free time. 

Abby Donaghue

Abby is a second year Master’s student in Tufts’ 4+1 Master’s Degree program studying Clinical-Developmental Health and Psychology. As a researcher, she’s particularly interested in education access and social/emotional learning in neurodiversity-affirming contexts. She is currently studying access to arts education for autistic students, a subject that’s been a passion of hers since she first got involved with drama education in middle school. When she’s not sending emails and making spreadsheets, Abby loves theatre arts, singing (loudly) in the car, and making up recipes and foisting them upon her friends.

Poorvi Sethi

Poorvi is a second-year master’s student at Eliot-Pearson and is on the Clinical-Developmental Health and Psychology track of study. She is writing her thesis with the Crehan Lab on how children with ASD and ADHD perceive emotions. She hopes to do meaningful work for children and families after graduating. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching Modern Family, and spending time with her family.

Caroline Abut

Caroline Abut is a senior double majoring in Child Study and Human Development and Psychology. She is currently working on her Honors Senior Thesis at the Crehan Lab on the cultural underpinnings of IEPs of Spanish-speaking autistic children. Through this work, Caroline hopes to address barriers impacting many Latinx children with disabilities by examining disparities in the quality of their IEPs and identifying patterns of services that are not consistently offered. When she is not in the lab, Caroline enjoys travelling, cooking, and learning new languages. 

Ashton Gerber

Ashton Gerber (they/he) is an undergraduate student majoring in WGSS. They are passionate about making sex ed more accessible and comprehensive, especially for neurodivergent, disabled, and trans people. Outside of academics, they are a peer sex health educator with Tufts Sex Health Reps and a drag performer in the Jumbo Drag Collective.

Ethan Kritzer

Ethan is an undergraduate student studying Psychology with a minor in Child Studies and Human Development. They are interested in finding ways to help neurodiverse children adapt to and thrive in the confusing world we live in, though they’re still figuring out which angle to pursue. Ethan’s free time is filled with as many board games and D&D sessions as the people around them are willing to play. 

Anh Ngo

Anh is an undergraduate student majoring in Child Studies and Human Development with a minor in Linguistics. She is interested in studying the disparities in healthcare services and education for minority communities through providing culturally sensitive and inclusive health services and diagnostic tools. After graduation, she hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career in neurology. In her free time, Anh enjoys awing at Ocean Vuong poems, rowing at the gym, tutoring kids in math, and breaking her annual Spotify listening time record.

Michelle Pu

Michelle is an undergraduate student at Tufts University planning to major in Biology and Child Studies and Human Development. She became interested in learning how to better empower neurodiverse people by working at a center that serves those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She is passionate about advocating for resources for the neurodiverse population. After graduation, she is interested in attending medical school. In her free time, Michele enjoys playing volleyball, making art, volunteering at a transitional home, mentoring youth, and taking care of her large plant collection.

Daniella Rothstein

Daniella is an undergraduate studying Cognitive and Brain Sciences with a minor in Child Studies and Human Development. She is also passionate about gender and sexuality studies, and she is fascinated by the intersection of these fields. In high school, Daniella worked at a local business (in Maplewood, NJ) called “Beloved Bath,” which is a company dedicated to the meaningful employment of young adults with autism. They produce high-quality soaps, candles, and scrubs — Daniella swears by the pumpkin spice candle. Outside of class, Daniella can most likely be found playing, or listening to, music. Daniella drums in two jazz bands, plays piano, and is currently learning the bass; she also participates in a “trash drumming” group at Tufts! 

Stephanie Tranduc

Stephanie is an undergraduate student at Tufts University planning to major in Biopsychology with a minor in Chemistry. After her undergraduate studies, she hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career in neurology. She is particularly interested in the accessibility of healthcare and education as well as the inclusivity of neurodiverse populations in these spaces. Outside of her academics, Stephanie enjoys reading (specifically paperback books), crocheting, and listening to the same five songs every week.

Oliver Vonnegut

Oliver is an undergraduate majoring in philosophy with minors in political science, theatre, and child studies. He is interested in pursuing a master’s degree in philosophy and potentially further education in philosophy and child studies. He is most interested in the overlap between philosophical and therapeutic perspectives. In his free time, Oliver enjoys reading about things that never happened and rambling about things that did.

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