Great Diseases

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Approachable, innovative, and life-relevant content, designed to improve science engagement and health literacy.

Co-developed by teachers and scientists, The Great Diseases curriculum provides a biological framework for students to learn high school biology in a more relevant and immediate context. The curriculum was designed for high school science classrooms, but can be adapted for different courses, including General Biology, Honors Biology, CP Biology, Elective Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Health Science, Pathophysiology, Biomedical Science, and Introductory College Courses. Each module includes teacher manuals with learning objectives, key discussion points, and activity guidance, as well as 135+ ready-to-teach lessons, comprising of PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, student worksheets, labs, games, and case studies. A full module runs for 6-8 weeks of classroom time. Explore our modules below, and request access here.

To help support teachers who are using the Great Diseases Curriculum in their virtual classrooms, we have begun to modify some of our favorite activities from the curriculum to be used virtually. It is our hope that these modified activities can be used by teacher with minimum prep work, while still being hands-on and engaging for students. Explore our Virtual Activities and check back soon for updates to the other modules.

The Great Pandemic of 2020

Our newest module provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing pandemic to help them make informed decisions about their behavior and health, and share their knowledge with their families and communities.

Online Courses for Educators

Interested in teaching The Great Diseases but the content is new to you? We offer online mini-courses for graduate and continuing education credits. Summer registration is open!

Materials for Students

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