Memorial Day weekend plantings

Jill Franko and Kristen Thane spent the (sweltering!) Memorial Day weekend getting their corner a bit more shipshape and planting a bunch of stuff!

In the rest of the garden, most of the original tomatoes and peppers died. We didn’t prepare them to be moved outdoors (they weren’t hardened off) and the shock killed them. So, new tomato and pepper seedlings were planted, in addition to celery, broccoli, basil, zucchini, cucumber, swiss chard seeds (continued the row) and spinach seeds (parallel row to the first one).

Kristen noted that in the pepper section and the other sections closest to the wall, the weeds are just starting to peek up – nothing too much to pull quite yet (too short) but by the next weekend there’ll probably be ample weeding opportunities! They also noticed in the tomato section that there are a few spots with pretty significant water pooling on the plastic… potentially creating breeding grounds for mosquitos. Once it gets consistently hotter, it might become less of an issue if the water evaporates quickly, but if the areas of pooling continue, we may need to cut small drainage holes in the center of the worst water pooling areas to minimize the amount of standing water.

There are 2nd sprinklers. They are set to run for an hour each morning at 7am.

Betsy did a cursory weeding and trimmed the flowers off the kale and cilantro. Feel free to harvest kale or cilantro, particularly the cilantro!

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    Betsy said,

    June 7, 2016 @ 2:05 pm

    The garden looks good but definitely needs to be weeded. Be careful around the spinach and Swiss chard seeds; all of the other weeding should be pretty obvious.

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