June 16th & 17th

Donna did a beautiful job weeding in the herb section and beyond on Thursday. Sam did some weeding on Friday. Delaney tackled the heavy weed section a few days ago (brave!), so some of that is looking better also.

Donna and Betsy planted a bunch of things donated by John… rosemary, tarragon, lemongrass, sage, parsley, marigolds, zinnias, tomatoes, and nasturtium. The herb section is looking pretty good and has some nice variety now. Betsy cut larger openings in the plastic around the tomatoes and peppers –  the plastic may not be working well in regards to watering, so more may need to be removed. There are still some blank areas. Salvador is going to do some planting, others are welcome to add things as well. We could use more hay or grass clipping, the hay bales Jim brought us are anchoring the plastic.

Cilantro and kale can be picked.

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