Planning for the 2017 Season

We had our first planning meeting for the 2017 growing season. Here are some notes, plus a few things that didn’t get said during the meeting.

  • Smaller plots this year… 4 group plots, maybe 20 x 20?
    • Use the WordPress site to coordinate groups as it gets closer to planting time.
    • Work around vacation/travel times so someone will always be able to weed/harvest.
    • Have an area of eggplant – trying to keep the woodchuck family at bay!
  • Membership Fee: $5/person (same as last year)… to defray the cost of equipment, mesh, fencing,  etc.
  • Time commitment/responsibilities: 1-2 hours/week of weeding, harvesting, etc.
  • Planting date TBD… most likely a weekend day in mid/late May. If everyone comes, it will take less than an hour to get everything in the ground (like last year).
  • Will be sending out this year’s SOP in a few weeks.
  • Ground hog – AKA the only real pest in the garden. Save used biodegradable cat litter (wheat based, almond based, etc.; not clay litter) – this seemed to work well last year. Other deterrent ideas include a wall of plants in the Solanaceae family (eggplants, potatoes, etc.) or stakes (spaced 3-4″ apart).
  • Watering. We have an automatic sprinkler system (with timers!) so no one needs to come every day to water.
  • We should try using mesh ground covering around the plants to block the weeds instead of plastic so water doesn’t pool.
  • What to plant and when:
    • Contact John Mapel to see if he will have leftover plants he would like to donate, like last year.
    • consult the Farmer’s almanac: Worcester MA
    • Each group will decide what they want to plant. Last year we had tomatoes, peppers, kale, eggplant, swiss chard, various herbs, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, etc..
    • Think about bees and consider planting local flowers/plants for pollinators.

posted 04/06/2017

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