Cyber Security and Policy

Cybersecurity and cybersecurity policy mean different things to different disciplines. At Tufts, faculty work closely together and students can pursue an interdisciplinary M.S. in Cybersecurity and Public Policy (Apply now). Practitioners and researchers in cybersecurity and public policy:

  • explore algorithms and technologies to secure systems
  • study how users interact with computers in order to provide stronger methods of privacy protection
  • examine digital approaches to development
  • work out how to control—through laws and technology—the growing surveillance society
  • analyze the impact of the “borderless” world of the Internet has on sovereignty
  • study how changing communications technologies impact law (and how law impacts changing communications technologies),
  • analyze the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the economy – and much more.

Collaboration across disciplines

At Tufts, we view cybersecurity and public policy teaching and research through a number of lenses. Colleagues come together across departments and schools, including:

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