How Content is Presented

Each item of the Dagomba dance drumming repertory contains the same collection of elements as detailed in the example below:

Main Features

1. The Dagomba name for the item of repertory and a brief sketch of its history written by Elana Cohen-Khani.

2. Alhaji Abubakari’s narrative of the history of the item and an analytic essay by Prof. Locke about its musical structure.

3. An audio presentation in vocables and drumming by Alhaji Abubakari of each instrumental part and Prof. Locke’s staff notation of the music. The drum language of all phrases in written Dagbani and English translation, as well as Prof. Locke’s recitation of the chanted Dagbani. Staff notation (rhythm only) of the full ensemble.

4. Audio files of full ensemble music played in multi-track format by Alhaji Abubakari and also by Prof. Locke and his experienced students. Access to the online mixer version of Alhaji Abubakari’s multi-track sessions.

Basic Functionality

-For links: “Click anywhere on the underlined text to see this material.”

-For buttons, Play: “Click to hear the audio file.” Download: “Click to see the staff notation or text.”