STATA Tutorials and Guides

Tufts Resources The Access Tufts page has information on downloading Stata software.

  • Embrace the Do file: STATA Basics. This workshop is designed to get you familiar with Stata. We provide an overview of the Stata interface and basic functions. During the session, we introduce some descriptive statistics commands and recoding commands to help you gain familiarity with Stata syntax. This workshop is suitable for those who have not worked with Stata before or those seeking a refresher session.
External Resources
  • The Stata website provides many tutorials and videos on how to perform specific analyses using Stata.
  • Princeton Stata Tutorial. A very good tutorial on Stata provided by Princeton university. Goes over basic commands, data management, graphics and more advanced programming
  • UCLA’s Stata Website. A comprehensive site to help you learn and use Stata by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at UCLA. This site has tutorials, examples, web books, annotated outputs, and best practices.
  • Carolina Population Center Stata Tutorial. Provides examples of syntax for managing and analyzing data in Stata.
  • South Africa Distance Learning Project. Hands on instruction in the analysis of survey data using Stata.
  • Statalist. Hosted at the Harvard School of Public Health, Statalist is an email listserver where over 5,100 Stata users from experts to neophytes maintain a lively dialogue about all things statistical and Stata.
  • NetCourses by StataCorp. These courses are inexpensive ways to learn Stata directly from the company offering the software (StataCorp). Includes advanced topics such as survival analysis and panel data techniques.
  • Web-based training by StataCorp. Web-based training provides a more in-depth background in the topic of interest, but can be more expensive than NetCourses. Trainings include topics such as mixed models, structural equation modeling, and multiple imputation methods.