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“Tufts University Releases Two Deliverables from Its TAPER Project,” The Academic Archivist, Newsletter of the College and University Section, Society of American Archivists, Summer 2010

“Coming soon! New Tool for building automated submission agreements,” Acquisition and Appraisal Section Newsletter, Society of American Archivists, Spring 2010

NHPRC Press Release January 18, 2008

NHPRC electronic records grant list


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Krista Ferrante, “TAPER: Tufts Accessioning Program for Electronic Records.” Society of American Archivists annual conference. August 2010. Washington D.C.


Much of the TAPER project builds on the work of the Fedora and the Preservation of University Records Project conducted by the DCA in partnership with Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.

Kevin L. Glick, Eliot Wilczek, and Robert Dockins. “Fedora and the Preservation of University Records Project.” DigiNews, October 2006.


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