women run at track meet
Jackson track meet, 1920

Professional Activities

At Tufts: Faculty professional activities at Tufts include participation in committees, task forces, or other administrative activities, including tenure review. Materials generated in the course of these types of activities are considered university records. More information on the retention and disposition of these materials is contained in the records schedules.

Non-Tufts: This type of professional activity could include participation in international, national, or regional professional organizations or serving on boards, commissions, or committees outside Tufts. In general, materials generated in the course of this type of activity are considered the records of the particular organization and as such should be transferred to that organization’s archives. Generally, the DCA does not collect these materials.

Professional correspondence: Substantive correspondence with others in the field related to research activities falls within the scope of the research materials described above. Correspondence written as a member of a particular organization or committee is part of that group’s records and should be transferred accordingly.