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Jackson track meet, 1920

General Collection Policy

Our General Collection Policy covers both university records and manuscript collections.

University Records

As the archives of the university, the DCA has a mandate to collect, preserve, and make available official university records of enduring administrative, legal, fiscal, and historical value. These records may exist in any format–paper, physical objects, microfilm, magnetic media, or digital.

Records schedules developed and administered through the Records Management Program govern the collection development of university records. Departments and offices should transfer records and objects of enduring value to the DCA. Transfers should follow transfer procedures. Records and objects transferred should be in appropriate formats and organized properly. As part of its responsibilities, the DCA assists offices and departments in scheduling and organizing their records.

Please see the University Records Policy for more details on the DCA’s mandate concerning university records.

Manuscript Collections

At the DCA, Manuscript Collections serves as a blanket term used to identify valuable collections that fall outside the scope of university records. They can include personal papers of faculty, alumni, or other individuals, as well as records of organizations and other groups. These collections must meet the standard of relevance to the teaching, research, or administrative needs of the university.

Specific collection policies govern faculty papers, alumni collections, and objects and artifacts. If you are interested in donating material to the DCA, please contact us.