women run at track meet
Jackson track meet, 1920

Online Exhibits and Collection Portals

Our online exhibit portal, featuring exhibits such as the Tufts Black Freedom Trail, Another Light on the Hill: Black Students at Tufts, and A Glimpse at Jackson College for Women.

The Life and Work of Edward R. Murrow
The exhibit features Murrow’s career from his student days to his work for USIA. Additional essays focus on his private life, on the accomplishments of his wife, Janet Brewster Murrow, and on the ‘Murrow Boys,’ the war correspondents who produced many of the hallmark World War II broadcasts. Using photographs, artifacts, and documents from the Edward R. Murrow Papers at DCA, the exhibit describes known and lesser-known aspects of Murrow’s work and life, placing them in the political and historical context of his career.

Muriel Simonson at Jackson College 1924-1929
This online biographical exhibit about Muriel Simonson highlights her academic and athletic achievements, Muriel as a much-lauded actress, a singer, and the first undergraduate theater producer (male or female) at Tufts University. Muriel Simonson’s years at Jackson College are set within the larger institutional, historical, economic, and gender contexts of the 1920s.

Memories of Tufts … Donald J. Winslow (A’34) remembers…
This online autobiographical exhibit about Donald J. Winslow (A1934) presents four of Donald Winslow’s short ‘memory essays’ written in 2007 as well as a brief biography about him. Interesting on its own terms, this autobiographical exhibit offers additional insights into gender history and the writing of history when juxtaposed with the biographical exhibit on Muriel Simonson.

Walter B. Wriston Archives
The Walter B. Wriston Archives provides access to hundreds of articles, speeches, photographs, and other resources from Wriston’s prolific career as a banker and former chairman of Citicorp.

A New Nation Votes, American Election Returns, 1787-1825
A New Nation Votes is a searchable collection of election returns from the earliest years of American democracy. A New Nation Votes is also available through the Tufts Digital Library.

Boston Streets : Mapping Directory Data
Boston Streets is a browsable and searchable collection of historical atlases, city directories, and images of early Boston from the years before the American Civil War through 20th-century urban renewal. Please note that this project was completed in 2004. DCA is currently exploring ways to improve access to this exhibit.

The Poet’s Work : The John Holmes Collection
John Holmes was a poet and professor of English at Tufts. This exhibit provides access to his work through annotated poems, “biographies” of poems, audio poems, and poems animated with photographs and soundtracks.┬áPlease note that this project was completed in 1999. DCA is currently exploring ways to improve access to this exhibit.

The MacJannet Legacy
Donald and Charlotte MacJannet established international camps and schools, including one at Talloires where the Tufts European Center is located. The exhibit explores the ideas of leadership, international understanding, and education through their lives and work.

V-12 and NROTC at Tufts
The DCA presents a series of exhibits focusing on the two United States Navy programs, the V-12 and NROTC, that arrived on campus during World War II.

Women’s Bodies Women’s Property : 14th Century German Law Books
An electronic exhibition of an exhibit at the Slater Concourse of the Aidekman Gallery at Tufts University, November 18 – December 15, 1998.

Somerville/Cambridge Community History Project
The Somerville/Cambridge Community History Project documents the arrival and integration of the Latino community in Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts through interviews, recorded oral histories and field research. A list of projects arranged by topic can be found here.