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Personal Digital Archiving Resources

The Basics:

 The 3-2-1 rule:

  • Make three copies
  • Have at least two of the copies on two different types of media
  • Keep one copy in a different location from where you live / work

Helpful tips:

  • Identify where you have your information.
  • Decide what is important to you.
  • Get organized. Designate folders for certain types of materials or events.
  • Make copies of your data.
  • Understand the trade-offs of placing objects in various websites, etc., and what is helping you accomplish digital preservation.
  • Embed extractable metadata whenever possible.

Preferred file formats:

Resource: Library of Congress Recommended Formats: https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/index.html

  • Text: PDF
  • Still images: TIFF, JPEG
  • Moving images: MOV, MP4
  • Sounds: WAVE, MP3
  • Tabular data: CSV


Useful Tools:

  • Google, download your data (email, hangouts, drive, calendar, etc.): https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout
  • Twitter archive download: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170160#
  • Facebook archive download: https://www.facebook.com/help/131112897028467
  • Webrecorder: https://webrecorder.io/



Personal Digital Archiving:

Digital archives & preservation:


Contact the Digital Archivist if you have questions:

Margaret Peachy: margaret.peachy@tufts.edu


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