Google Analytics on Digital Collection and Archives and Tufts Digital Library Websites Policy

The Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) collects data about traffic to its department website ( and the Tufts Digital Library ( DCA does not individually identify users. Instead, it collects anonymous data and aggregate information to determine trends and improve the quality of its user experience. In some cases, DCA uses Google Analytics to track data to its websites.

If you do not want to allow Google Analytics to track your use of our departmental website and Digital Library, there are numerous tools, such as the browser extensions Ghostery or (Firefox only) NoScript, which will help you control what sites collect information about you. You can also opt out of Google Analytics tracking by turning off cookies in the preferences settings in your browser. (This may affect your ability to use other Tufts Libraries web services.) For more information on Google Analytics, visit Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Advertising and Privacy FAQ.

DCA’s use of this data is governed by the Tufts University Library Privacy Policy.

Please also see Tufts’s Privacy Statement.