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Records Policies and Guidelines

The Digital Collections and Archives administers the following Tufts records policies:

University Records Policy

The University Records Policy, approved on February 22, 2007 by the Provost and Senior Vice President and the Executive Vice President, defines what are university records, defines the authority and responsibility of the Digital Collections and Archives and the Records Management Program, and defines the responsibilities all departments and employees have for managing university records.

The University Records Policy supercedes the Records Authority Statement.

Guidelines for Managing University Records

The Guidelines for Managing University Records supports the University Records Policy. It gives advice about creating, storing, and destroying records in addition to providing guidance on determining the appropriate disposition of university records and complying with appropriate laws, regulations, and standards.

Records Retention Schedule

The Records Retention Schedule articulates policies on the appropriate retention period and disposition of university records.

Confidential Destruction Guidelines

In order to protect the University and individuals, many records at Tufts that can be discarded should be confidentially destroyed. To learn more about appropriate confidential destruction, see these guidelines.

Related Guidelines and Policies

A list of significant Tufts guidelines and policies concerning recordkeeping. A variety of departments and offices across the University administer these guidelines and polices.