Track team, May 15, 1935

Submitting Materials

The Digital Collections and Archives collects a variety of materials to document the university’s activities and in support of the teaching and research mission of the institution. The DCA collects in all formats. For general inquiries about donating to the DCA, please contact us at 617.627.3737.

University records and publications: This section contains information on submitting records and publications created in the course of university business.

Student Scholarship: The DCA collects examples of graduate and undergraduate student work.

Student Life: The DCA collects examples of student life, including documentation of student organizations and events; student publications; scrapbooks and memorabilia related to Tufts; and websites, blogs, and other social media detailing Tufts experiences.

Faculty Research and Publications: We encourage faculty to consider donating research materials as well as depositing their publications with us for open access.

Personal Papers and Collections: The DCA collects personal papers and collections that fit our general collection policy, generally either by documenting the university’s history or in subject areas that support the university’s teaching and research mission.

Support the DCA: Caring for and providing access to the DCA’s collections requires many resources. Learn more about how your financial gift can help preserve Tufts’ unique heritage and support our growing collections.



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