World Peace comes to Tufts
Posted on July 14, 2011 by Veronica Martzahl | Categories: news | |  Tagged:  , , , |

Okay, so it’s actually the World Peace Foundation (WPF) that is returning to Tufts, to the Fletcher School to be precise. But the WPF has a long history with Tufts, and DCA has the records to prove it!

For one thing, the WPF–which was originally called the International School of Peace–was founded by Edwin Ginn, Tufts graduate of 1862. After college, Ginn opened a small book agency in Boston which grew into a textbook publishing house Ginn and Company. Ginn was know for his philanthropies and worked to address housing issues for the poor in Boston, but his most enduring legacy is the World Peace Foundation and his calls for peace, disarmament, and international arbitration.