DCA celebrates student employees
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On Monday, May 6, 2013, the DCA held a special luncheon to celebrate our amazing student workers and the incredible amount of work they have completed this school year.

Delicious cake was a favorite feature of the party

And it was a truly astounding amount of work they accomplished. Here are a few stats:

  • 403 new record cartons processed and sent off-site
  • 502 reference questions answered
  • 12,372 Engineering student folders cataloged
  • 16,084 Transcripts cataloged
  • 5,710 Publications in the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) collection cataloged

Sadly, the end of the school year also means that many of the students will be leaving us. We will greatly miss Mae Humiston who is graduating on May 19th. Mae has been a student employee at the DCA throughout her time at Tufts, and we can’t believe four years have already flown by! Not only is Mae an outstanding student employee, but she is an incredible human being. The staff of the DCA is so proud of her and the work she has done on campus around sustainable food production, recycling, and issues of justice and equality. We will miss her, but we know that she will continue to do so much good as she goes out into the world.

Also, graduating are several of our Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science students. Sarah Gustafson, Molly Bruce, and Erin Faulder are finishing up their library degrees this spring. The DCA has been very fortunate to be able to bring Erin on in a staff position, so we won’t be saying good-bye to her any time soon. However, Molly will be moving on to an internship in Austria and Sarah will be moving to Rhode Island by the end of the summer. CHEJ, Accion, Edward R. Murrow, the new CIDER collection management system – these are all collections and projects which could not have been undertaken without these three and as they graduate, the staff of the DCA is proud to have them as colleagues and valuable members of our profession.

2013_student_appreciation_party 001

Those are our graduates, but we also want to acknowledge our other student employees:

  • Bridget Boyle
  • Lancy Downs
  • Tiffany Locke
  • Elizabeth McGorty
  • Misako Ono
  • Lydia Puzzullo
  • Tim Walsh
  • Morgan VanClief
  • Krista Zegura

2013_student_appreciation_party 002

And we would also like to acknowledge the staff working on the New Nation Votes grant project:

  • Betsy Baldwin
  • Mary LaBombard
  • Katie MacDonald
  • Luke Pomorski
  • Emily Shafer
  • Betsy Sherman

DCA graduate students at SAA
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Last week was the Society of American Archivist’s annual conference. This year it was held in sunny San Diego where the fish tacos are plentiful, the weather was not the promised balmy 75 degrees, and playing spot the archivist among the tourists in the Gaslamp quarter was far too easy. Several staff members were able to attend this year, along with all of our graduate student workers. Although the DCA contingent was smaller than in previous years, we still had two session presenters.

Veronica Martzahl, records archivist
Lightning talk: Favorite Collaborative Tools in Preservation

Erin Faulder, graduate student worker
Session paper: Archival Practice Through a Social Justice Lens

At DCA, we graduate students perform a range of tasks related to processing collections and answering reference questions. As Simmons students, we are still learning what it means to be archivists and to do archival work. Attending conferences provides us with perspectives of our work beyond the classroom setting and beyond DCA’s environment.

Molly Bruce attended a session about addressing issues of privacy and confidentiality while providing access to legal records. Since she’s been processing a lawyer’s collection, the opportunity to hear how other archivists deal with the complex demands of opening records for access while protecting the privacy rights of individuals named in case files was invaluable.

Sarah Gustafson went to a donor relations lightning talk – a topic not covered in coursework but an important aspect of the work we do. Sarah also attended a session on outreach to undergraduate students which included talks by archivists who educate with primary sources and hire students to help with processing projects – two ways that DCA engages with undergraduate students at Tufts.

Erin Faulder presented her research as part of a panel on In Pursuit of the Moral Imperative: Exploring Social Justice and Archives. Being able to articulate the value of collections to social justice efforts is sometimes easy, such as in DCA’s recently processed papers of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice. Her paper examined two ways that social justice values are reflected in the hundreds of transactions documented by the records archivists work with every day.

Molly, Sarah, Erin

Attending and presenting at sessions is only one way graduate students learn about the profession. We also attend planning meetings that shape the direction of the profession.  Molly attended the Encoded Archival Description revision meeting where things got heated when discussing how the revision will structure data associated with relationships among collections, and between collections and their creators. As part of her collaborative efforts to form an Archivists without Borders organization, Erin met with other archivists interested in social justice to discuss the proposal thus far and future steps. These are all opportunities to meet other archivists who are passionate about the work we do, to bring back new information to apply to our work, and to geek out about the exciting possibilities for future endeavors.