Open Repositories 2013
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Last week, while others were worrying about Sharknado, I was worrying about how we were going to preserve all the Sharknado tweets, memes, and news references.

Erin wearing an Anne of Green Gables hat

Perhaps not that exactly. But in between homages to Anne of Green Gables, I was engaged in numerous discussions about how archivists should be preserving and making big data sets and software available and accessible at the Open Repositories conference held on Prince Edward Island.

The plenary speaker, Victoria Stodden, spoke about the increasing necessity for access to research data and the code used to manipulate the data in order to reproduce and verify results. Articles are useful references that advertise research, but the data sets and code are integral parts of the scientific process and necessary to preserve as well. However, how to require submission, where to deposit, and mechanisms for equitable open access are the tricky elements to making this vision a reality.

Closing plenary speaker, Jean-Claude Geudon, envisioned a potential future where publishers would provide free access to the articles but required payment for access to the data and code. Repositories should claim this territory as their own as part of their efforts to support quality of scientific research over competition of scientific publishing.

Open access publishing is something DCA supports. It is time to look at open access data as well.

Happy Open Access Week!
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Happy Open Access Week! This week we celebrate open access scholarship, and remember that it is time to set the default to Open Access.

Our collection of open access scholarship in the Tufts Digital Library is small but growing, aided in a large part by our Provost’s Open Access Fund.

(This morning as I was walking around the office, cajoling my coworkers into labeling themselves with stickers that say “I Support Open Access”, I realized how many of us are employed in the business of creating open access to scholarship and research data. Just thinking about all of my colleagues who are digitizing the painstakingly gathered election data that comprise the “A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns 1787-1825” project makes me proud; we are creating a vital research collection for historians, and jobs for us. Huzzah for open access, I say!)

Open Access Week October 22-28: Set the Default to Open Access

Daniel Dennett Wins 2012 Erasmus Prize
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Daniel Dennett sun-dappled in front of a tree

Tufts Professor of Philosophy Daniel Dennett has received the 2012 Erasmus Prize from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation, joining the ranks of such luminaries as Mary Robinson, Simon Wiesenthal, Fatima Mernissi, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Marc Chagall. The foundation, when announcing Professor Dennett’s award, said:

Dennett is an eloquent teacher who addresses the questions of our time with great audacity. He is optimistic about science and demonstrates in his work the importance of knowledge, critical thinking, and an open attitude to ‘other’ ideas. He is a source of inspiration to both his colleague-scientists and to a larger audience.

The foundation also praised Professor Dennett for “his ability to translate the cultural significance of science and technology to a broad audience“. Professor Dennett is so dedicated to communication with the broadest audience that he has donated his papers to the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives, making an Open Access commitment to share his scholarship with the wider community. Most of Professor Dennett’s articles are available at the Tufts Digital Library.

Congratulations, Professor Dennett, and we thank you for your commitment to Open Access and discussing philosophical ideas with the larger community of global citizens.

Congratulations to the recipients of the Provost’s Open Access Fund (and happy open access week!)
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To mark Open Access Week the Tufts University Libraries’ Scholarly Communication Team has launched a website celebrating the recipients of our Provost’s Open Access Fund. The fund has two components: the first, for publishing, funds scholars who choose to publish with author-pays open access; the second, for digitization, supports the creation of sustainable open access digital collections of unique research materials created by Tufts faculty.

All of the publications which have been funded for open access publication have also been made available in the Tufts Digital Library. The digitized research materials will also be made available in the TDL once they are created, digitized, and described.

So congratulations to the recipients of the fund!

Publishing Fund

Digitization fund