Fall 2012


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Uncommon Scents

Horticulturalist Louis Ricciardiello knows a thing or two about raising the dead


Bacteria, the bad guys of the health-care world, are on the run with no place to hide

Ringside Seat

Clark Sammartino's hard-hitting avocation has taken him around the world

Will the Safety Net Hold?

When there's no other care, hospital-based dental residents pick up the slack

Culture of Understanding

Health-care providers should have specialized training on caring for patients from diverse backgrounds

Tooth Tattoo

Tiny sensor may one day help dentists assess their patients’ oral and overall health

A Life in Balance

Dean Robert Kasberg says dental students must tend to their professional and personal lives

Grateful Graduates

Class of 2012 urged to be mindful of its responsibilities to the underserved

Renaissance Man

D.M.D./M.S. student takes on the roles of researcher, inventor, teacher, advocate

Head of the Class

Catherine Dahl, D12, was the inspiration behind record participation in giving

A Room Of Their Own

Becker endowment funds new student lounge

Call to Action

Dentistry must rise to the challenge of providing care for all

The Issue That Won’t Go Away

New chair of public health dentistry confronts the challenges of access to care

Living the Dream

As co-chair of the Dental M Club, Mary Jane Hanlon, D97, champions a Tufts dental education

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May 22, 2015The Coming Merge of Human and Machine Intelligence

Technology now exists to connect people’s brains to the Internet, and it’s giving rise to a new ...

May 21, 2015Word Masters on Our Shores

The new wave of Indian American spelling champs provides a plethora of perspicacity about the immigr...

May 19, 2015The Art of Game Design

For Aromie Kim, overseeing the look and feel of the new video game “Midnight Terrors” was a drea...

The ‘Other’ Fluoride

For millions with dry mouth, this cousin keeps decay at bay

More Care, More Disease

Maintaining the oral health of patients with special needs proves problematic

A Mouthful of Info

Electronic patient records are a data gold mine for a new generation of oral health research

Distinctive Team

Dental school's dispensary team goes the extra mile

New Dean for Academic Affairs

Nadeem Karimbux has focused his career on dental curriculum development