Spring 2014

The D List

A smattering of dentistry tidbits to inform, amuse and amaze


Age of dental calculus on teeth in four skeletons discovered in Germany. Scientists analyzed the teeth and found pathogens similar to the bacteria that cause inflammatory disease today.



Year the U.S. Public Health Service issued this poster touting oral hygiene for World War II servicemen.






Length of  video “A Head for Dentistry,” about students in the dental school’s simulation clinic, that’s sure to bring back memories. Watch it at: vimeo.com/78176496.




Amount raised by the Tufts Dental Relay for Life team for the American Cancer Society. The team completed an overnight walkathon in East Boston and held a bake sale.


Number of bristles in the Blizzident 3D printed toothbrush, which is custom made and cleans when the user bites down and grinds for six seconds.



Height of the “Stooth,” a tooth-shaped stool created by the Russian designer Tembolat Gugkaev, who says he imagines the wood-and-leather ottoman as the lost molar of a “giant who ate too much junk food.”




Percent of oral and maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists who are women, according to a 2013 survey from CareerBuilder/Economic Modeling Specialists. Sixty-two percent of prosthodontists are female.



Percent of athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London who said poor oral health affected their training or performance, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine.


Number of young teeth who go to school to learn about oral hygiene from Dr. Flossman in the children’s book and video Open Wide, Tooth School Inside.

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