Spring 2015

The D List

A smattering of dentistry tidbits to inform, amuse and amaze


Members in the School of Dental Medicine’s Information Technology group, which won the school’s 2014 Team Excellence Award. They are: Donald Braho, Ange Brome, Danny Dicicco, Jorge Freitas, Matt Johnston, Kevin O’Dea and Richard Shorter.


Hours of academic-related community service completed by Tufts predoctoral dental students through the Community Service Learning Externship program between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014.

300W_Gone_With_Wind_1939_380 million

Number of bacteria typically exchanged during a 10-second French kiss, according to a 2014 study by Dutch researchers.



Ranking of dentistry on the U.S. News Best Jobs of 2015 list. The magazine cites a “comfortable salary and good work-life balance” as benefits. Dental hygienist came in fifth.

150320_16297_fluoride008.jpg33 feet

Height of the sculpture “Steel Water,” by the Dutch artist Cyril Lixenberg, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that marks the city’s status as the first in the world to fluoridate its water supply. This year is the 70th anniversary of public water fluoridation.


King Richard III last of the Plantagenets


Number of permanent teeth that England’s King Richard III appeared to have lost during his lifetime, according to the British Dental Journal. The king’s remains, discovered in 2012, also showed evidence of caries and tartar buildup.


Average number of days a new patient waited for an appointment with a general practitioner in 2013, according to the American Dental Association. In 2001, the average time was 10.8 days.

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