Spring 2017


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When God Came Calling

Mina Kaddis, D06, was content in his private practice. Then his bishop had a request.

Care Where the Kids Are

At this Boston elementary school, cleanings and fillings are available just down the hall.

O Pioneer!

Athena Papas: amazing researcher, launcher of life-altering drugs, inspiring mentor.

All the Presidents’ Teeth

Who didn’t floss? Who was a grinder? Our faculty give some famous smiles a checkup.

The Patient Whisperers

Every dentist can learn to put the anxious and the fearful at ease.

The Institution as Advocate

Public health crusader is a role the dental school takes seriously.

Magical Creatures Above

Look up! That’s the new directive in the dental clinic that treats Tufts’ youngest patients.

3 Questions for Shannon Griffin, D96

How one dentist is confronting access to care.

New Vice Provost for Research

A highly regarded nutrition scientist, Simin Meydani is an advocate for collaborations across disciplines.

Floss Wars

News reports gave dentists an opening to stress the importance of periodontal health to their patients.

A Daughter’s Tribute

Lisa Vouras, D89, honors the father she followed into dentistry by establishing a student prize fund in his name.

Model Patients

A science museum exhibit gets a brush up at the dental school.

A Personal Career Network

First job? Buying a practice? Need an associate? Let Tufts play matchmaker.

Hilde Tillman Awarded Dean’s Medal

She was instrumental in developing Tufts’ geriatric dentistry program.

Landmark Legacy

Benjamin Ricci advocated for people with disabilities in Massachusetts. 

Son of Immigrants Still Paying It Forward

Grateful for his own financial aid, alumnus Vangel Zissi established scholarship fund.

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Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Jan 1, 1970


Hope for Those with Diabetic Periodontal Disease 

An experimental drug that mimics an insulin-regulating hormone could rebuild bone, and perhaps advance treatment for Type 2 diabetics.

TMD Fact and Fiction

Many dentists’ websites contain inaccurate information about treating orofacial pain.

In a New Light

Anatomy lab gets a high-tech makeover and airy new space thanks to a $15 million donation.

Sweet ’16 Homecoming and Reunion

Six hundred alumni and friends celebrate their Tufts connections.

All Caring

Dental school awards 214 degrees at 2016 commencement.

We’re Here for You

A message from the president of the Tufts Dental Alumni Association.

Linked In

Annual tourney raises funds for student aid.