Spring 2017

A Personal Career Network

First job? Buying a practice? Need an associate? Let Tufts play matchmaker.

By Divya Amladi

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Illustration: Dan Page/theispot

If you’re interested in recruiting a Tufts dentist to your practice, searching for a job or are in the market to purchase a practice, the Tufts Dental Career Link online system for career management is a great resource.

“While a lot of the current postings are targeted at recent graduates, there are opportunities for individuals who have more experience,” said Marguerite Moore, the dental school’s assistant director of student affairs and career services. “Alumni can serve as employers, or they can register as job seekers.”

Since joining the dental school a year ago, Moore has focused on building pipelines between students and alumni. She revamped Career Link to expand the network of employers outside New England and added more detailed search filters so job seekers can receive personalized weekly email digests of openings. Job postings include a mix of community health centers, private practices and dental-support organizations, Moore said, noting that her goal is to increase alumni and nonalumni employer engagement in the coming year.

Career Link also includes resources to connect alumni who are trying to sell their practices with those who want to buy one. In addition, alumni and students can take advantage of the Tufts Dental Career Services Facebook page for more job openings and networking opportunities.

Moore is piloting a handful of new initiatives to make students aware of the scope of opportunities in the dental profession. Dentist on Display, a monthly series highlighting the work of young alumni, is a regular feature on the school’s website. Recently profiled were Nicholas Gordon, D12, the first graduate of the joint DMD/MPH program, and Rachel Misuraca, D13, an Army dentist.

She’s launched two career-exploration programs—Coffee with Career Services, in which students can meet with her informally, and Signature Series Programming, which brings alumni and employer panels to campus to answer students’ questions about working in a particular field or the ins and outs of running a practice. One session last fall, for example, focused on the pros and cons of contracting with a dental service organization (DSO) for professional office-management services.

“My goal is to give students a better idea of their options, and to let them hear a variety of perspectives,” Moore said. “It’s always helpful to bring alumni back so students can hear from someone who was once in their shoes.”

Students are very eager to get advice from alumni, Moore said, so she’s working with the alumni relations office to revive a mentorship program. “Students benefit from gaining insights from alumni, and alumni benefit from giving back to students.”

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A Personal Career Network

First job? Buying a practice? Need an associate? Let Tufts play matchmaker.

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