Winter 2016

The Art of Healing

The many pursuits of Nancy Marks

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“Grief is really remembering how much we love and miss our loved ones,” says Nancy Marks, the dental school's community service learning coordinator. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Nancy Marks, the dental school’s community service learning coordinator, has had a career as a printmaker, painter, public health advocate and community organizer. Much of her work combines the creative impulse with the psychology of healing.

One such project, her mixed-media exhibit “The Intimacy of Memory,” uses keepsakes—wedding rings, combat medals, a mundane travel clock—to tell the stories of people who have died, as recalled by their loved ones.

“Objects are just a way to get back to the memory,” Marks says. “Grief is really remembering how much we love and miss our loved ones.” The exhibit was on display at the Tufts University Art Gallery in fall 2015. Learn more about her work:

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