Winter 2016

War and Remembrance

A poem by Michael F. Lepore, DG83

ForgottenHeroesMichael Lepore’s first book of poems, Forgotten Heroes, dealt with the the physical and emotional toll the Vietnam War had on those who fought. Lepore, DG83, was concerned about repeating himself in his second volume, but he needn’t have worried. Vietnam Voices: Echoes of the Vietnam Experience (Grayson Books, 2014) continues the story, this time with an eye to the wives, girlfriends, parents and children whose lives were also upended by war.

A Veteran’s Request
Read me a poem, one
that calms my racing
thoughts. Fill the canvas
of my mind with colors

of romance, sing praises
of joy when the morning
is dark with mist.

Read me a poem, tested
by time, whose rhymes dance
on the tip of the tongue,
like a song without notes,
whose sweet refrain fills
the room and frees the soul.

Read me a poem, pure
as a vernal spring, refresh
the forest of my mind,
melt away the shadows,

ebb the flow of thoughts
that fill my eyes with tears.

Read me a poem that will
never grown old, let it live
unchanged, a sanctuary. Stir
my heart with its promise,
sweeten the magic of its words
with the beauty of a tender voice. 

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