Winter 2016

Safety Gap

Shortcoming in protective eyewear spurs look at new standards

It happened in the blink of an eye. Peter Arsenault, D94, was in his >>

Helping Earthquake Survivors

Professor returns home to Nepal in time to lend a hand

Mabi Singh, DI07, was in his native Nepal, mourning the death of the aunt >>

Sugar Dance

Pop song inspires student video for the oral-health conscious

The pop band Maroon 5 sings, “Need a little sweetness in my life.” But >>

War and Remembrance

A poem by Michael F. Lepore, DG83

Michael Lepore’s first book of poems, Forgotten Heroes, dealt with the the physical and >>

The D List

A smattering of dentistry tidbits to inform, amuse and amaze

November 8th

The date, in 2015, that marked the 120th anniversary of the discovery of >>

Top Stories

A Friend to the Finish

Bryan Lyons, D95, takes his place on Team Hoyt and in Boston Marathon history

Bringing Quidditch Down to Earth

Ethan Sturm, D17, is a wizard at promoting a sport inspired by fiction

Pain Relievers

When patients hurt, this team of specialists ends the anguish

The Ties that Bind

When newborns struggle to breast-feed, a simple surgery may be the answer

Editor's Picks

Filling the Gap

Scholarship will help Judyth Lee, D14, fulfill her dream of helping children

Got Connections?

Dental Central website promotes community engagement

The Decisions That Let Us Sleep At Night

The importance of earning, and keeping, our patients’ trust 

Hand and Glove

Silk proteins and an inkjet printer create an instant germ detector

His Mother’s Demons

A bittersweet memoir of growing up in the shadow of mental illness

Myth Busters

There’s a lot of dubious data about dental care out there. Our experts offer advice for helping your patients separate fact from fiction

All’s Fair

In a Bronx apartment, the Columbian Exposition of 1893 lives on