Tufts University School of Dental Medicine ’23

TUSDM Class of 2023 (D23)

Welcome to the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Class of 2023 Dental Central page.  Since arriving for the first day of orientation, all 202 of us came to Boston with our many accomplishments, awards and degrees, eager to learn and be challenged. We are a group of incredible minds and are proud to be the most diverse class in Tufts Dental history. Our backgrounds are as different as our personalities, but there is one common understanding: we are determined to learn as much as possible, so that we can use our knowledge to care for our patients. We plan to be dentists who are not only guides to better health, but also advocates for all of the populations we have the opportunity to encounter. This page will highlight our milestones while we embark on our journey into the field of dentistry. We hope that you will follow along as the D23 family leaves a lasting impression on Tufts Dental and our surrounding community.

Thank you for visiting our page. Be sure to follow our class instagram @tuftsd23 to see what we are up to. Stand by!

D23 Class Executive Board

Sleiman Elias- Class President

My name is Sleiman Elias and I am from Houston, Texas. Throughout my upbringing, I was able to attend schools all over the world which allowed me to be a global learner, and experience so much that this world has to offer. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Baylor University with a major of Biochemistry, and obtained my master’s degree from Mississippi College with a major of Medical Sciences. During my free time, I love staying active; basketball, volleyball, running, exploring the great city of Boston, you name it, I’m all for it. I also greatly enjoy spending time with my friends and family, serving my community, and being an active sports fan when our exam schedule decides to relax.

I am absolutely honored to represent the incredible D23 class as its President. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know and understanding how unique and special our class is, and I am so excited to serve to the best of my capabilities. During the rigors of first year, our class came together on multiple occasions and pushed through all the adversities that came our way, which motivated me to run for this prestigious position. I, along with my fantastic executive board, are passionate to serve, and eager to help our class succeed during our second year.

Tamara Biary – Class Vice-President

My name is Tamara Biary. I received my bachelors from Wellesley College, where I majored in Chemistry and minored in Biological Sciences. I completed my Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University. I enjoy research and have been involved in basic science investigation for several years now. When not in school, I absolutely love to travel and explore new cities, where I can experience new cultures through cuisine, architecture, and most importantly through meeting new people. My love for history always drives me to visit different historical sites wherever I travel.
As the D’23 class Vice-President and a member of the Eboard, my priority is to be a resource, a support system, and a friend to all my classmates and future colleagues. I feel incredibly honored to be a member of this talented, diverse, and intelligent class. I look forward to our time together as we all pave our unique paths to becoming dentists. 

Sydney Laudon – Class Treasurer

My name is Sydney Laudon and I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I graduated from Oregon State University in 2017 with my B.S. in Public Health and a certificate in Medical Ethics. In my free time I like traveling and exploring new places, listening to music or going to concerts and being outside somewhere enjoying the non-city air.
I am so excited and honored to be part of the D23 Eboard. In this role, I hope that I can be an advocate and platform for our class’s voices to be heard. I try to be someone that my peers can come to and lean on, as I am really in awe of our class and want to help continue to strengthen our bond as well as make the most of our time here at Tufts. Everyday when talking or listening to my classmates, I am continually impressed and am eager to see where the four years take us.  

Jeff Pullano – Class Secretary

My name is Jeff Pullano and I am from Dalton, Massachusetts way out in far western Massachusetts. I received my bachelor’s degree from Williams College with a major in Chemistry and a concentration in biochemistry and molecular biology. When not in school, I love to golf, play soccer and basketball and go on runs or bike rides. I’m also an avid Boston sports fan, so that makes being in Boston extra exciting for me.
As a part of the D’23 Eboard, I have the responsibility to be a support system, resource, and friend to all of my classmates so that we may all achieve success in our first year at Tufts. With my incredibly talented, intelligent, and successful classmates, I’m sure we will all achieve success during this fun, yet challenging, four years. Although my undergrad was a rival of Tufts, as we were in the same athletic conference, soI say this the best I can… GO JUMBOS. (and Ephs)


Patient Care Quality Assurance Committee: Olivia Rivers

Curriculum Committee: Richard Peterson

Ethics Professionalism and Citizenship Committee: Mohammad Ahmad

Risk Safety and Infection Control Committee: Jennifer Douedi

Student Promotions Committee: Lara A. Guzmán

Outcomes Assessment Committee: Lauren Ardizzone

Research Committee: Zeynep Yozgyur

Student Library Advisory Committee: Mackenzie Stephens

ADEA Student Representative: Ariana Smith

ASDA Student Representative: Giang Nguyen

Community Service Liaisons (2 positions): Alexandra Dinu, Binh Phan    

D23 Jumbo of the Week:
Marie Bierman

Undergraduate Education: Indiana University; BS Biology with a minor in Animal Behavior

Graduate Education:  IUPUI; MS in Biological Studies  

Favorite Thing about TUSDM/Why you chose Tufts:

How willing to help everyone is. I never imagined moving away from home but Tufts really makes it feel like a family.

Fun Fact About yourself/Things involved in outside of School: I raise, train, and show miniature, shetland, and hackney ponies.

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