Community Centered Care Club

About Us:

Community Centered Care Club (C4) is a new student-led organization that aims to connect with those diagnosed with substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS through community engagement. Our goal is to promote oral health education at our partner sites and bridge the dental care gap between the community and TUSDM.

We strive to accomplish this by volunteering time at the Boston Living Center’s community kitchen, conducting telehealth screenings, providing art therapy events, and oral health promotion talks. Additionally, we provide trainings for students to gain more understanding of how to provide care for patients with substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS.

Goals of Organization: 

  • Bridging the gap between community and care for individuals with substance use disorders and HIV/AIDs
  • Increase awareness of the intersection between substance use disease, HIV/AIDs, and dentistry through education
  • Provide community service opportunities to Tufts students with community partners


  • Volunteer Meal Service at Boston Living Center
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Training Opportunities
  • Art Therapy Event

Student Leaders: 

Faculty Advisors

  • Prof. Kathy Dolan
  • Nancy Marks

Upcoming Events