Research Ramp Down

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all on-campus research activities were suspended effective March 20th at 5PM.

  • Basic/Wet Laboratory Research: Only essential basic/wet laboratory research is performed over the next 2 weeks. Essential work includes animal care, checking on liquid N2 tanks and long-term experiments that can be continued safely through social distancing. Experiments that are not critical must be postponed.
  • Human Subjects Research: Face-to-face interactions with human research subjects have been stopped and are not allowed until further notice. Research activities that do not involve face-to-face interactions with human research subjects may continue.
  • Exception requests for any on-campus research activities must be approved by Dean Kugel and subsequently by, the Research Continuity Committee.
  • Please visit OVPR’s website for real-time updates.

Federal Agency Guidance

An ongoing list of Federal Agency guidance in response to COVID-19 can be found here. Please contact your local Research Administrator if you have any questions.

TUSDM COVID-19 Research Working Groups

Dental Research Administration is helping to connect individuals interested in COVID-19 research by creating small working groups to facilitate discussions of research ideas. Our team will also assist with the COVID-19 research approval process, identifying relevant funding sources, creating project budgets, and submitting for IRB approval. To let us know you are interested in getting involved please complete the Qualtrics form.

Tufts COVID-19 Research Approval Process

  • To ensure the needed resources are available and the appropriate safety measures are in place, all COVID-19 research projects conducted by Tufts researchers, regardless of project type and funding source, must be approved by the COVID-19 Research Oversight Committee before any work can begin.
  • All projects related to COVID-19 must be submitted for review via the online Qualtrics form, regardless of whether or not the project requires access to patients or involves work with the live virus.
  • COVID-19 review is in addition to the Pre-Award review of the RAS proposal prior to submission to the funding agency. Pre-award will not submit a proposal to the funding agency or execute a contract until the internal Tufts COVID-19 review is completed.
  • Please reach out to your local Research Administrator with any questions regarding this process.