About the Staff Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) is dedicated to liaising between Tufts University School of Dental Medicine staff, faculty and senior leadership by serving as a resource and advocate for the diverse staff population. The SAC seeks to provide both an open line of communication for staff concerns as well as a constructive and unified voice in proposed policy changes. The SAC works collaboratively in addressing staff professional development and employee recognition as well as partners with school leadership to identify and implement ideas to foster an engaged and positive community between floors and across departments.  The SAC aligns with the mission of both the University and Dental School in embracing a compassionate, fulfilling, and educational community.


In the spring of 2014 Dean Huw Thomas and the Human Resources Office announced an initiative to create a Staff Advisory Council which would serve as a representative voice for staff members at the School of Dental Medicine as well as communicate directly to the Dean and senior leadership. The SAC also works collaboratively with the Faculty Advisory Council.


The SAC is comprised of staff members from various departments at the School of Dental Medicine and were selected by a campus-wide ballot vote. Current members are:

  • Paula Callahan, Clinic Materials – (617) 636-3841
  • Patti Casey, Clinic Materials –  (617) 636-3975
  • Jeffrey Daddona, Research Administration – (617) 636-2115
  • Brian Fitzpatrick, Clinic Business Office – (617) 636-0427
  • Sojourner Fletcher, Continuing Education – (617) 636-6629
  • Sean Hopkins, Academic Affairs – (617) 636-6524
  • Merlene James-Harris, Clinic Operations – (617) 627-7000
  • Therese Kohlman, Periodontology – (617) 636-6531
  • Jennipher Murphy, Academic Affairs – (617) 636-0352
  • Paula O’Brien, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – (617) 636-2484
  • Ligelia Ortiz, Clinic Operations
  • Luis Porro, Clinic Materials – (617) 636-0317
  • Sara Weaver, Academic Affairs