About the Staff Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Dean’s Staff Advisory Council (hereafter known as SAC) is formed to represent the staff members at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (hereafter known as TUSDM), in engaging with the Dean’s initiative for staff development. The mission of the SAC is to advise the Dean directly of any concerns, suggestions, or issues that impact the TUSDM staff development, as well as to provide a forum for input and discussion of issues important to the staff and the University. SAC seeks to serve as a protected voice of the staff members at TUSDM and will, from time to time, poll the members of the staff for their concerns and opinions.

SAC acknowledges that it is only an advisory body and will only make recommendations to the Dean or their representative.


In the spring of 2014 Dean Huw Thomas and the Human Resources Office announced an initiative to create a Staff Advisory Council which would serve as a representative voice for staff members at the School of Dental Medicine as well as communicate directly to the Dean and senior leadership. The SAC also works collaboratively with the Faculty Advisory Council.



Nominations September 2020