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CSHD 145: Technological Tools for Playful Learning

This course explores the design and use of new technologies for learning. The underlying philosophy of this course is “constructionism”, which states that people learn better when engaged in making and designing their own computational meaningful projects; therefore, we will become designers of curriculum around technological tools to be used in education and we will become researchers to assess the thinking and learning fostered by the different tools.

CSHD145 Spring 2022

Past CSHD 145 Syllabi
CSHD 114: Children and New Technologies

This course explores the impact of computer programming, virtual communities, computer games, social media and other digital technologies in the lives of young people. It is an interdisciplinary course with a focus on developmental, learning and design theories. Students will apply their theoretical knowledge in order to design a new technology for young children in collaboration with a team of engineers.

CSHD114 Spring 2022

Past CSHD 114 Syllabi
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