Below are a compilation of webinars given by DevTech Researchers and ECT alumni and instructors on early childhood education with a focus on technology.




New Frontiers in K-12 CS Education

Marina Bers (1:17-1:27) speaks to the Department of Education for CS Ed Week

Arduino Eduvision

A discussion about the importance of coding with Marina Bers

Developing Computational Thinking in Early Childhood

A discussion with Marina Bers

Engagement Strategies

Webinar featuring Dr. Marina Bers and Dr. Merredith Portsmore, moderated by Dr. Amanda Strawhacker

ECT Series

Round Table: A discussion to address questions related to early childhood technology.

ECT Series

Makerspaces: Resources and suggestions for creating an at home makerspace.

Limudei Code-Esh Project

Webinar featuring Prof. Marina Umaschi Bers and Rachel Viselman on the Limudei Code-Esh curriculum units that integrate coding, robotics and computational thinking with Jewish Holidays.

ECT Series

Unplugged Activities: Resources for activities that do not require electronic technology.

ECT Series

How to Talk to Your Kids Without Giving Them the Answer: Discussion, activities, and resources for adults to encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

ECT Series

KIBO at Home: Tips and activities for using KIBO at home.

ECT Series

ABC’s of STEAM: Tips and resources for early childhood STEAM activities at home.

ECT Series

ScratchJr at Home: Tips and activities for using ScratchJr at home.

Young Learners, Technology and Learning at Home

A Conversation with Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers

Webinar Programar Jugando

Ideas para el desarrollo del pensamiento computacional con Marina Bers