Dispatches from the Digital Planet: April 2021

Check out the latest from the Digital Planet, including highlights from the most recent IDEA 2030 webinar and new research insights.

Dispatches from the Digital Planet April 2021

You Say ‘Coup,’ I Say ‘Koo’

Bhaskar Chakravorti claims that India is a warning about unintended consequences for those looking to regulate Big Tech in the United States, via his op-ed in Foreign Policy.

Narendra Modi with cell phone

Webinar Recording: Turning America's Digital Divide into Digital Dividends

Did you miss the IDEA2030 webinar on March 31st? Watch the full webinar here!

Singapore urban skyline at dusk.

How Digital Trust Varies Across the World

In their latest article in Harvard Business Review, Bhaskar Chakravorti, Ravi Chaturvedi, and Ajay Bhalla uncover interesting trends about how different economies develop and establish digital trust.

Singapore urban skyline at dusk.

Big Tech’s Opportunity for Inclusive Growth

The work from home experiences from the pandemic could serve as a catalyst for the tech industry to narrow its large disparities in geographic and demographic diversity, if it chooses to take those lessons to heart.

Chart of United States

Did Big Tech Save the World From an Even Bigger Economic Meltdown?

The positive associations between advanced digital evolution and economic stability are notable but not universal.

Singapore urban skyline at dusk.

A Tale of Two Digital Economies: Gig Workers and Remote Workers

These past months have shown the gig economy’s increasing importance in providing essential services to communities, while highlighting the inherent disparities and vulnerabilities experienced by its workers.

Singapore urban skyline at dusk.
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